Lanstroper Ei

Das Landstroper Ei

Another day, another ride. Today i went for a short bike trip from my place to the “Lanstroper Ei“, a nearby water tower. “Ei” means egg, go figure where the water tower has its name from hehe. It’s been there for like ever, the first time i went there with a bike is like 30 years ago. It certainly doesn’t look that nice like 30 years ago, but it still is worth a visit. Eventhough it’s not allowed to actually enter the water tower you can, occasionally, see people climbing the ladder and taking images from up there. What can i say, it was way too busy out there, and i had my bike with me which i didn’t want to leave unattended for too long hehe.

Lanstroper Ei Wasserturm
Lanstroper Ei Wasserturm

The view, however, is fabulous. You can see for miles, and if you find a good spot you can also see the “Lanstroper See”, a nature reserve in Lanstrop. The ride was only about 15km, if you wonder why the map below only displays about 12-ish well….that’s my fault. I stopped for a cigarette break and forgot to hit the “Continue Recording” button on my navigation device.

Blick vor dem Lanstroper Ei
Blick vor dem Lanstroper Ei



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