Yoast SEO 2.3.4

Yoast WordPress SEO 2.3.4 – Another buggy update

Right, i should have known better and not update the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin but i did. The update itself went fine, and when done i was immediately greeted by two warning messages letting me know that the WPSSO (WordPress Social Sharing Optimization) and the Google XML Sitemap plugin might cause problems when using them while also using Yoast WordPress SEO. Nothing unusual there, i have seen this warning message before and didn’t pay much attention to it.

When going back to the plugins page i noticed those two warning messages again, dismissed them again and proceeded straight to the WordPress Dashboard…to see the warning messages once more. They popped up again, the plugin seemed to have forgotten about me dismissing its warning messages. So i dismissed them another time, and another time after that. There was a similar issue when updating to Yoast WordPress SEO 2.3.1 or so, back then it was that stupid “Look at what’s new and take the goddamn product tour” message that was supposed to be dismissable but wasn’t. Checking the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin support forum over at wordpress.org i felt some sort of relief as i wasn’t the only one having that issue. There are quite a number of threads reporting the same issue, people keep dismissing the notices but they show up again when loading any page within the WordPress dashboard.

Yoast WordPress SEO 2.3.4 Buggy Notices
Yoast WordPress SEO 2.3.4 Buggy Notices

Looking at the replies to the thread reporting issues with notices not being dismissable i am disappointed by the support the Yoast team provides. So far there was only one response from a developer, linking to an issue they opened at github.com. And that’s all the support there is, no updates from the developers yet and the issue is like two days old already. Meanwhile i reverted to the previous version Yoast WordPress SEO 2.3.2 which works fine and does not show notices about conflicting plugins over and over again. I also consider switching from Yoast to WordPress All in One SEO and giving that one a try, see how their updates work out.

Oh…did i mention other things are fubar as well?
The focus keyword thing does not work anymore with Yoast WordPress 2.3.4, Snippet Preview does not work neither, and some people report conflicts with plugins that used to work nicely with Yoast WordPress SEO versions prior to 2.3.4

Summing up:
If using Yoast WordPress SEO be careful when updating to a newer version. Unless it’s something critical (exploits, vulnerabilities and stuff like that) i recommend to not update immediately but wait a day and check the Yoast WordPress SEO support forums to see if there are any possible bugs/conflicts.


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