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WP-Clear 3.2 – How to change number of posts and comments


I recently replaced the standard WordPress “Recent Posts” and “Archive” widgets on the sidebar with the tabbed widget that comes with WP-Clear from Solostream.com just to find out that the “Popular Posts” option does not work without installing an additional plugin like WordPress Popular Posts. After installing the plugin and waiting for it to work (you have to wait for the first views to be recorded in the database before posts get displayed) i figured that maybe five entries are not enough, and i started looking for a way to increase the amount of popular posts and recent posts displayed in the WP-Clear widget. As the WP-Clear widget does not offer any settings as far as the widget is concerned, i kinda rummaged through the WP-Clear code and files, and finally found the location where those numbers can be changed.

Open the /wp-clear321/theme-widgets.php file in some text editor like Notepad or UltraEdit and have a look for this bit of code (around Line 41):

All limits can be changed here, you can set values for the number of recent posts, popular posts and comments to display in the tabbed sidebar widget. To change the number of popular posts from 5 to 10 replace


Changing the number of recent posts is done the same way, just edit the value for

to the amount of posts you want displayed as recent posts. And finally, to change the number of comments displayed in the WP-Clear tabbed sidebar widget change this bit of code (here in this example we change them from 5 to 10):


It’s a shame that they did not add an option to the WP-Clear widget that lets you simply enter the number of posts and comments to display. Instead you have to mess around with the source code and change values/limits manually.



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