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I think i am done with optimizing WordPress in terms of page loading speed now. Took me a while to set it all up and i am quite happy when looking at the results from gtmetrix.com. Prior results always were around 75 for both, Page Speed Grade and YSlow Grade, and WordPress loading time was about 4.5 seconds (for an uncached version of the page). Size of the page was about 700 kilobyte and it took about 60+ requests. Now, with W3 Total Cache in place, APC installed on the server and Cloudflare as CDN the results are pretty stunning.

WordPress now takes about 0.30 seconds to load, size went down to roughly 330 kilobyte and total number of requests is down to 22. I guess this is all down to adding Cloudflare as CDN, activating Cloudflare support in W3TC and doing some general optimization like specifying dimensions for images, minifying Javascripts and Cascading Stylesheets and combining them. Below is a table that lists a number of reports that show how the loading speed of WordPress, size, requests have improved over time.

[table id=3 /]

As you can see the values improved big time on September 20th, that’s where i finished adding all the plugins, setups and configurations for optimizing WordPress. My APC configuration looks as follows:

I think there are no further optimizations necessary really :)

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