What’s this all about?

Good question really.I am not really sure where this is going exactly, but from what i have planned there will be summaries of the trips i made so far and will make in the future. Turning forty next year, and i feel it’s time to start exploring this planet a bit more and not always spend holidays in Spain or any other south  european country like most other europeans do (well, that’s what it seems like). What i have in mind is blogging about places i visit, just like Copenhagen where i have been just like a few weeks ago. Wonderful city and might become the first blog entry as far as posts about my journeys are concerned.

Using a blog gives me the possibility to actually write something about my trips and add some text to the pictures i took. Until now i used image hosting services or sites like Flickr or 500px.com to put some of the pictures online, but there always were some minor annoying issues, like being limited to x characters for a description for example. Blogging about my trips using WordPress allows for more detailed/extended descriptions and some additional features as well as somewhat of a decent comment system (i hope). Though some images will be embedded using said sites for the sake of saving space on this account. Certainly i will not post every single picture i took when traveling but will upload what i think of as “keepers”. I generally tend to take way too many pictures, last time in Copenhagen i took a total of 600+ pictures within 3 days out of which i kept maybe 200 (rough guess but i think it’s not too far off hehe). Need to get that under control, otherwise i will be ending up with suqillions of pictures very soon.

Also the URL will change sooner or later, i already registered habschned-travels.com which currently points to / is hosted on a server somewhere in Chicago. Latency is pretty high and on top of that the host seems to either oversell the box the domain is hosted on or give shit about resource usage. Server load is around 40+ all the time, no matter when i check. Here are some screenshots taken right at the time of posting this up. Server load skyrockets for some reason, and considering that the box has like 32 CPUs and 32Gb RAM there is something wrong with the way they manage their servers. Probably time to move the entire free-installations domain to a high-end VPS or dedicated box. Will look into that a.s.a.p.

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