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Denmark to Germany by Bike

Now, this is what happens when i have way too much time on my hands. I usually end up with loads of stupid thoughts and ideas, this time it all ended in doing a “slightly” longer bike ride in stages. What i am planning for spring 2016 is a bike ride from Hirtshals in Denmark back home to Dortmund. That’s about 850 kilometers (roughly 530 miles) in 10 days or less. Less would be great, but i doubt that i will be able to do more than 80-90 kilometers a day. 10 days sounded reasonable, so i set that timeframe and hope that i’ll be able to stick to it (and i hope the bike doesn’t break in a way i can’t fix while in the middle of nowhere).

Hirtshals to Dortmund Bike Ride
Hirtshals to Dortmund Bike Ride

Over the last 3 months i did ~1500km on the bike and feel quite comfortable when doing bike rides of like 50 or 60 kilometers, but looking at the daily target i set i will have to notch up my performance and go for longer rides on the weekends (talking about 70-90 kilometers) and maybe also do an additional 20 kilometers on top of the 20 kilometers i do every day when biking to work and back. Might have to work out some sort of training schedule and also may do some test runs during my next vacation in October.

Anyway, there seem to be bazillions of things i need to take into account planning the the trip, and coming up with the stages looks more tedious than i thought it would. Accommodation alone will bring up some problems as not many villages in the northern parts of Denmark have Hostels or B&B. I might just end up pitching a tent here and there for the first 200 kilometers or so. Things will get better accommodationwise the farther south i get, but i expect to spend the first few nights in my tent.

Another thing doing my head in are spare parts. Will pack some tubes, an airpump and tools and keep my fingers crossed that nothing else breaks, like shifters, sprockets or disc brakes. If that should happen then i am screwed i guess hehe. Though i don’t expect those parts to break really, especially when considering that the bike i will buy for this ride is one from the upper price range. Can’t do that trip with the bike i own now (well, i could but i don’t trust it to last to the end of the trip so i won’t) which means i have to fork out for a bike that will be more reliable and more sturdy. There’s a particular bike i am thinking of buying early next year which is the Cube Reaction GTC Pro

Cube Reaction GTC Pro
Cube Reaction GTC Pro

Also, i am not really sure what to pack in terms of clothing and how/where to wash them. Then there are electronic devices plus spare batteries, like camera, cell phone, MP3 player, navigation and whatnot. I’ll probably end up lugging 20 additional kilograms in my backpack. So it’s worth putting some thinking into what’s absolutely necessary and what not to take on that trip.

The only thing not worrying me is food and drinks. Simply stop at a store, grab something to eat and drink and that’s it. Everything else will need to be thought of carefully, some things may be more complicated to plan (see the issues with accommodation), others are easier to solve. As soon as there is a more detailed plan on how i am going to accomplish this i will post an update, i might also post updates as soon as i figured out the stages including the GPX files. For now it’s working on a training schedule aimed towards endurance so i will be able to ride 80-100 kilometers a day without having sore muscles the next day.

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