Too many Passwords…

Too many of ’em

HabschnedIt’s funny how i always have “splendid” ideas when bored hehe. Two days ago the VPS hosting this site went offline for no reason. I rebooted it gracefully after making a few updates to the OS and the VPS never came back online. It took the IT guys in the datacenter some time to reinstall the VPS which, in turn, gave me time to do something i always wanted to do: Updating the passwords of every site i visit regularly and every email i use (except for the ones i use for sites that i know will send nothing but spam). So there was the idea, and as usual, mayhem ensued…

I had no idea how many accounts i had that used the same or similar password and had a somewhat baffled look when i counted a total of whopping 76 different accounts i use on an almost daily basis. The accounts include emails, forums, websites, online banking and some FTP servers.  I thought the number of accounts to change passwords for would be about 12 or so…well, 76 isn’t far off is it? :D

Many policies require a minimum password length. Eight characters is typical but may not be appropriate.[2][3][4] Longer passwords are generally more secure, but some systems impose a maximum length for compatibility with legacy systems.

Some policies suggest or impose requirements on what type of password a user can choose, such as:

  • the use of both upper-case and lower-case letters (case sensitivity)
  • inclusion of one or more numerical digits
  • inclusion of special characters, such as @, #, $
  • prohibition of words found in a password blacklist
  • prohibition of words found in the user’s personal information
  • prohibition of use of company name or an abbreviation
  • prohibition of passwords that match the format of calendar dates, license plate numbers, telephone numbers, or other common numbers

To make things worse i decided to follow the basic principles of password security which recommend to use a different password for each and every email, website, etc and use strong passwords instead of things like “yay1234”. With those two “rules” in mind i grabbed a copy of Password Safe to use as..erm…Password Safe hehe. With 76 different passwords (and the number will increase i guess) trying to memorize them or write them down on a sheet of paper isn’t going to work. I chose Password Safe for the sole reason that they also offer an Android version of their software and that way (Google Drive involved) i can sync the password files with just a few clicks after either editing them on my Notebook or Smartphone.

So i spent the better part of friday evening and this morning making a list of accounts/websites i need to change passwords for, categorized them and created Groups and Entries in Password Safe. Now, hours later, everything seems to be fine, i am done editing all accounts and am sick of having to type passwords like

Some websites even made me type the shite password twice as they wouldn’t allow C&P for password fields. You have no idea how annoying it can get having to type passwords between 8 to 16 characters in length and containg all possible characters there are hehe. Thanks god the VPS is online again and i have to tweak and config a few things/settings now. This will stop me from coming up with the next stupid idea :D

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