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HabschnedCurrently there seems to be a problem with that hosts accounts with the subdomain If your site is hosted on and has a subdomain then you will notice that your site is not loading at all. While everything else works perfectly, like email, FTP access, File Managers, Databases and phpMyadmin to name just a few the actual website will time out and your browser will show you an error message about the site taking too long to respond. What’s a bit odd is that the server itself shows fine when i check the server monitor for I expected high load or some intermittent problem with the Apache webserver, but the stats of the server are just fine.

Odd, isn’t it? I left a message for the admins on the helpdesk blog, letting them know that there are dozens of support tickets in the ticket queue reporting their websites hosted on as down, and all of them use the free subdomain Looking at the server info it could as well be a DNS related issue, but i doubt that. For now it’s waiting for the admins to respond to my post on the helpdesk blog. I will post an update as soon as i hear back from them with more information on what’s going on there.

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