Server Crash Update


Just a quick update about the server crash again. As mentioned i had to restore a backup from July 12 2014 as all current data on the hard drive was lost and could not be recovered. Most of the posts have been restored thanks to Google’s cache and i am currently in the process of fixing the addons/plugins which might take another day or two, depending on how things go. Theoretically speaking, the data should have been safe but apparently it wasn’t.

Right now this site is running on a very delicate backup solution and as soon as things are fixed it will be moved to the production platform again which is more stable and offers more resources. So if the site loads slowly right now…it won’t anymore once it’s been moved to the VPS running on the production platform.

Also, the backup strategy will change from creating backups once a week to creating backups ever 48 hours which should help alot in case there is another catastrophic failure in the data center again.

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