Despite the temperature i decided to go for a short bike trip today. Temperaturewise we are talking about 34 degrees C here, which equals ~93F. Not an ideal temperature for a bike trip, but i have been somewhat lazy over the last few days. Fixed the flat tire yesterday, and that’s where i said to myself that i will be doing a quick 15km tomorrow, no matter the weather. Probably should have had second thoughts on that but hey….i am an idiot at times hehe.

So i got all my stuff together, like the Withings Pulse OX, Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Blaupunkt Bike Pilot and chose a route that led me through two different woods (more like groves actually, but we call them woods here). And below is the route i took. I am quite happy with the distance and time it took, especially when looking at the temperature. Couldn’t have gone much faster without risking my health. Pulse is a little high, would have liked to keep the average pulse around 130-135 but then again…sunshine, high temperature and the extra pounds i am trying to get rid off took their toll on me :)

I have yet to figure out how to activate that “Live Tracking” feature of Runtastic, that displays my route in real-time and offers the ability to cheer me on via Facebook or the actual Runtastic App (if you use it, that is).

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Pulsrunde 040715.gpx”]

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