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Hi everybody,
thought i’d let you know one thing about me and I know you might be coming to this site from either the support forums or clicking the link in my helpdesk signature and therefore think that it would be ok to send me messages using my Contact me page asking if i can solve any hosting related issues for you. Some people even send me friend requests on Facebook, and after accepting said requests start chats asking me to activate or unsuspend accounts.


Well, i have got bad news for you. Eventhough you might find one or two related articles on this blog it doesn’t mean i will provide support from here or even respond to account related questions. If you need assistance with your account then please consider using the official support channels. If you have a question about, their service or simply want to showcase your website then their forum is the place to go to.

If you need help with your account, like getting it activated manually or unsuspended then their is only one site/place to go to. And that place is your member area where you can submit support tickets that me and the other staff/volunteer staff will then respond to. Those are the only official support channels offers. I will not respond to questions via Facebook chat, Whatsapp or whatever way of contacting me you choose. If you need help ->


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