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Toto Habschned
Toto Habschned

That’s right, it’s travel time again. In about a week and a half we are about to leave for Horsens to visit the Medieval Festival. The festival starts on August 29th, we’ll be there a day early to arrange for accomodation. This year is the second time the festival is held at the former Horsens State Prison and as a plus there also is the “Tolkien’s Universe – an echo of medieval times” exhibition which opens on August 29th in the FÆNGSLET (that’s the name of the prison in danish). So i might get to hold and wield Frodo’s sword or kick Gandalf’s butt hehe. More info about this festival can be found here. Pictures will ofc be taken and put online as soon as time permits after we returned.

We’ll be staying in Horsens until Sunday, August 31st and then return to Dortmund where we will stay for about a week before we travel again hehe. This time it is to Antalya (Turkey) where we will attend a wedding of a former workmate from Scotland. It’s our first trip to Turkey ever, so it should be all fun and interesting. Hotel and flights are booked, i just need to get a new tux i guess hehe. Wedding is on September 11th (yes, very strange date) and we’ll fly from Hamburg to Antalya via Amsterdam on Tuesday, September 9th and return on Saturday, September 13th. Again, many pictures will be taken on this trip and i am really looking forward to visit a new country (new as in “I’ve never been there before).

So yeah, keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and me and my gf will have a blast on those two trips :)

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