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Upcoming Changes

HabschnedWell, last day at work today before it’s vacation time for me. I won’t be going anywhere this time but will stay home and wait for Bike #1 which needs some wear parts replaced. This “bike-free” time is going to be used to fix a few things on this blog and, at the same time, get rid of some of the categories. Categories will be overworked and the widgets will have some work done as well. I’ll also have a look at the ads that kinda screw up the loading time of the page by 0.5 seconds or so.

With all the time i spend on the bike lately there was little left to work on this blog and the “Penguin on a Bike” Facebook Page i am going to publish during this weekend. That page will replace the page on Facebook eventually, but offer the same content (a mix of bike related stories, tutorials, some hosting stuff and various other things) but with the focus on my “bike adventures”.


Still haven’t made a final decision on whether future posts will be all english, all german or if i continue as is and post in whatever language i feel appropriate for that post. I had a look at a number of plugins that offer translation services but most of them were pretty useless. Looking at the translations they did from german to english and vice versa… way i am gonna use automated translation in the near future. If you need something translated you are welcome to try Google Translation and translate the blog post into whatever your language is. It’s kinda hard to stick to one language only, but there is something like a basic rule of thumb though…

  • Posts about my bike trips or other bike stuff -> Mainly in german
  • Posts about everything else -> Chances are that they will be in english

Why “Penguin on a Bike”?

Habschned biking

The “Penguin” bit is obvious, isn’t it? I stumbled upon that avatar like 4 or 5 years ago and used it ever since, and i don’t see me using any other avatar as that little guy suits me best. I have coffe mugs, mouse pads, shirts and sweatpants with that penguin on them…call me crazy but i don’t care. So that’s it for the Penguin bit, now the “on a Bike” part…

That’s explained in just a few words really.
I rediscovered how much fun riding a bike can be. Last year the idea of commuting with a bike popped up in my mind and it didn’t take long for me to put the plan into action. I bought kind of an entry-level bike (Rockrider 520) which later got replaced by two pricier ones (Bulls Copperhead 3 2015 with better components) and from there it was “bicycle all the way” hehe. Being obsessed with bikes there are quite a number of plans in my head regarding places or long-distance trips i would like to make. The first one being the trip in May 2016 from Skagen in Denmark back to Dortmund. Distancewise we are talking about a thousand kilometers here and an estimated duration of 8 days tops. Other projects are Project Emscherweg and Project Ruhrtalweg. Project Emscherweg will be fun as we are about 15-20 cyclists on that trip whereas Project Ruhrtalweg will be sort of a solo thing, so just me basically, over a distance of 234 Kilometers in 3 days or less.


That all?

Yes, that’s all for now. I’ll start implement those changes/additions a.s.a.p but not before tomorrow hehe

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