Noah called

HabschnedNo kidding, it’s been raining for like three days straight. Every kind of rain known to main, from heavy rain to drizzle…i just noticed my neighbour starting to build an arc in his backyard. Did i say three days? Well, i must have forgotten to mention the entire January and the better part of February. Rain…no matter when, no matter where. Whether it’s me taking Taxi for a walk or me riding on my bike…rain….fucking rain. I am done with rain i guess. Dear Lord, how about a few sunny days? Doesn’t have to be warm necessarily, just no rain for a day or two would be enough.

Oh, i also forgot to mention the gale-force winds over the last fortnight or so. Not having winds up to 85 km/h or more would be great and make my commute much more pleasing. Sadly this isn’t happening, well the forecast shows no gale-force winds for the next days but there will be plenty of…rain hehehe.

Fucking RainFFS!!!! I want sunshine, just for a few days. All the rain and clouds and that oppresively drab and grey makes me sick and i kinda start hating Germany again hehe.
Erm….Rant over now, need to take Taxi out for a nice and pleasant walk of 30 to 45 minutes…through the rain ofc…


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