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Right, i decided to buy the NextGen Gallery Plus Package mainly for the additional Lightbox effects and album layouts to choose from. So after installing the plugin i went and redid the galleries, then went and added APC to the server and, while at it, also minified JS and CSS used on this site. That’s where things started to go south. After adding and changing things around i noticed that sometimes the galleries won’t display when using the Lightbox Pro thing that came with NextGen Gallery Plus. The animated circle that displays while loading shows up, then vanishes and the screen stays just blank. No images whatsoever.

Thought it would be a problem with the W3TC plugin i use, so i switched to WP Super Cache for testing, just to find out that the results are the same. Galleries still sometimes show up blank when using the Lightbox. Knowing that it was not related to the Cache plugin i switched back to W3TC. Next thing i tested was not to minify Javascripts and Cascading Style Sheets, hoping that this would solve the problem. Alas it didn’t. Same result, Galleries still show up blank every now and then. Checking the Java Console and server error logs i don’t see anything suspicious there, so the next thought is to disable APC on this server and see if that makes a difference. I don’t expect it to though, my best guess is that the problem is somewhere in either the Lightbox script itself or a local browser cache issue. If it should be APC related then that would be really bad, as i’d like to keep the opcode cache for performance reasons. Maybe changing to eAccelerator is an option, but i really would like to keep APC hehe.

So for now there is only one solution in case you navigate this site and experience problems when viewing Galleries:
If a Gallery shows up with no images please clear your browser cache. There are many different browsers out there, and if you haven’t got a clue about how to delete the browser cache then this site might be of great help. After clearing the browser cache simply reload the page with the Gallery and the images should show up nicely.

I will work on this issue and test different server/cache/minify setups this weekend to figure out what exactly is causing the Galleries to malfunction and, of course, post an update about what caused it and how i resolved it.


    • Unfortunately not. This has been brought to the attention of the NextGen devs, but so far i didn’t hear back from them. I’ve seen a similar issue reported at a week or two ago and according to Photocrati it has to do with the Rocket Launcher (i figured that out myself). Right now the only way for me to add/edit galleries is to disable the Rocket Launcher.

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