NextGen fails to update


…Failed [“Forbidden”].

HabschnedNextGen Gallery Plus kept bugging me for a few days now. There was an update info showing in my WordPress Dashboard, letting me know that there was a new version available. I did check the NextGen Plus Homepage but couldn’t see a more recent version than V1.3.13 which was installed already. I tried to update NextGen Gallery Plus several times and…failed every single time. All the messages in the update.log file i checked after trying to upgrade NextGen weren’t helpful at all…have a look at the text below and you’ll know what i mean.

All i can see there is that Performing stage “install” request for “photocrati-nextgen_pro_lightbox_legacy”…Failed [“Forbidden”]. bit, but that isn’t really helpful imho. Checked a number of things server-side including permissions on the folders used by Photocrati’s NextGen Plus but no changes were made to groups/owners/chmod.  I kinda lost count on how many times i tried to update, hoping that it was a problem on Photocrati’s end (especially when considering that the update notification in the WordPress Dashboard showed up way before the official update post on the Photocrati Blog)…guess it was not…or it was but i can’t tell because of those crappy error messages in the update.log

Anyway, today i tried the update again and…failed. I was about to submit a support ticket at Photocrati but when looking at all the information they want/require i gave up on that immediately and went for a workaround. I don’t really see a point in filling out all the information like “What Browser does this problem show up in?”. Surely this isn’t a browser related problem, neither will be Browser Cache/Temp Internet Files/Cookies be a problem when upgrading a WordPress plugin. Annoyed by all the headache NextGen Plus gave me over the last week or so i went fo a manual upgrade instead, and here is what i did:

  • Log in to your WP Dashboard
  • Go to “Plugins”
  • Disable NextGen Plus
  • Download the latest version from Photocrati
  • Extract the archive on your computer
  • Backup your /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery-plus directory
  • Overwrite the old NextGen Plus files with the new ones
  • Go back to your WP Dashboard
  • Refresh the “Plugins” Page
  • Activate NextGen Plus
  • Done

The way above worked flawless for me and NextGen Plus is now updated. Hopefully i won’t have to go through all this again when they roll out their next update for NextGen Plus…

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