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Hi everyone, i’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about how to move their WordPress blogs from their old host to and vice versa. While this quick tutorial will explain how to move the Wordress blog to, the same steps have to be done when moving it away from 000webhost. You always have to edit the WordPress configuration file wp-config.php to enter your new MySQL database details, and maybe even update the Home and Site URL of your WordPress install in case your domain changes as well when moving hosts.

Preparing the move

Obviously the first thing you need to do is to create a backup of your WordPress files and the database holding all your more or less valuable posts, links to images, comments, etc. To create a backup almost all hosts (i wouldn’t know of a single one not offering it) offer you access to some sort of control panel and MySQL management tool like phpMyAdmin. As far as the files are concerned, you can either use the aforementioned backup option in your control panel, or simply download all of them using some FTP client like Filezilla. A backup of the database can be obtained by using the Export funtion in phpMyAdmin (seriously, if you should have any other tool than phpMyAdmin change hosts…immediately). Leave the values at their default settings and click Go and save the MySQL database backup to your computer.


A word of advice: When creating your backup make sure you only backup your WordPress files. Say you use cPanel and create a full backup then the backup will contain a lot of stuff you don’t need for the new host (like the entire skeleton directory for example). If unsure please contact your host and ask for advice on how to backup just WordPress.

When done you should have a compressed archive containing all your files and a MySQL dump file. It’s probably worth testing both files for integrity by extracting the archive to your computer and opening the MySQL file in a text editor (don’t use Notepad, seriously…get some proper editor like Notepad++ for example). If both files are fine then you can continue to the next step which is uploading WordPress to your new host.


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