Middelalderfestival 2015

Middelalderfestival Horsens 2013
Middelalderfestival Horsens 2013

Feeling excited and can’t wait to head to Horsens coming thursday. It’s the last weekend in August and it’s time for the Middelalderfestival in Horsens, Denmark. Just like every year (over the last 20 years) the probably biggest medieval festival in Europe will open its doors on August 28th and August 29th and i look forward to see the marketsmen, craftsmen, knights, musicians and jugglers gather at the town market round the old prison in Horsens.

Keeping my fingers crossed that there will be better weather (2014 was crap tbh, rain for most of the time and we got soaked) despite the forecast predicting rain. Anyway, we will be there, pictures will be taken and Met will be bought (along with some delicious mustard they offer at the same stall. Pictures will be online shortly after we returned :)

For some pictures of the past two medieval festivals in Horsens you are welcome to check the galleries
* Middelalderfestival Horsens 2013
* Middelalderfestival Horsens 2014

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