Lost in Translation

HabschnedWell, just rummaged through a german forum to see if there are any new topics of interest when i noticed something really really odd. They use vBulletin along with an eBay widget in their sidebar, which displays some bike-related ads from eBay. Nothing wrong with that, makes perfect sense when considering that the forum is all about bikes and stuff. That eBay widget in particular caught my attention as i saw a MTB there which i wanted to have a closer look at.

At that very moment it kinda struck me. The heading said “2016 Diamondback Myers 1.0 Harte Schwanz 27.5″ Rad Mountainbike“. The “Harte Schwanz” part floored me and i couldn’t stop laughing for a minute or so after reading that. Whoever is selling this bike (according to eBay the seller is located in the UK) must have used some sort of automated translation, which was a very bad idea. That translator (Google i suppose) translated “hard tail” to “Harte Schwanz”.

Harte Schwanz

Ready for a lesson in german? Good, but first let me explain the meaning of “hard tail”.
A hard tail is an MTB without a suspension for the rear wheel. Plain vanilla, right? When using automatic translation from english to german the term “hard tail” becomes “Harten Schwanz”. Translating that back into english gives “hard dick”. So the translator didn’t get that it’s about a bike and happily translated away one word at a time and people now can buy a hard dick for ~€1100 (that’d be p&p included) hehe. Not sure if i want to spend that much for a hard dick really :D


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