Lichterfest 2014

The light festival “Lichterfest” has been held in Dortmund for more than fifty years. Strings of lights some six kilometers long and almost one hundred thousand lights and lamps of varying sizes shapes and sizes form the major attractions of  Lichterfest. And as darkness arrives, the climax in the form of twenty minutes of fireworks accompanied synchronized with music wraps up an intense evening.

We arrived at Westfalenpark (that’s the location the event is held in) at around seven-ish and expected to stand in the line for quite a while to buy our tickets. Much to our surprise we got our tickets within just a few minutes as the operator placed additional ticket counters. So with our tickets at the ready we went straight for the main entrance where we had our bags checked for possibly harmful content. You know, the usual stuff you bring when going to such an event, like firearms and clubs hehe. Having none of that on us we were good to enter the park and immediately started following the circular path until we arrived at the first of a number of fairgrounds. On our way there we passed several beer and food stalls and quickly had a look at their prices. As expected, the prices were a bit on the steep side but sill within reasonable limits. Anyway, we arrived at the fairground which was relatively crowded already. Some comedian i never heard of before, Sascha Korf, was on stage. Mercifully we missed the better part of his show.

At about 7:30pm Green Beats entered the stage. They are a german percussion band consisting of teens only and they kinda rocked the stage with their drums. Way better than that comedian guy and we stayed the entire 20 minutes they performed on stage. Reminded me of Stomp, just on a smaller scale.

Light them up
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After enjoying the performance of Green Beats we continued on the circular path, looking at all the tealights that were placed throughout the park. Only a few of them were lit at the time we were walking through the park and we wondered how the heck they would all get lit before dark. Took us a while to realize that the visitors were lighting them. We saw kids running around with lighters and lighting all those tealights, having a great time hehe. After walking for like an hour and a half we decided to pay the “Florianturm” a visit and see what’s going on at the upper observation decks. So, after queueing for like 15 minutes at the Florianturm entrance, we took the elevator up and were not surprised to see both observation decks crowded with people shooting selfies with their smartphones (one brat was even using its tablet) and taking pictures of the park, Dortmund and its surroundings with their DSLR. What we didn’t see were Tripods, maybe because of the stiff breeze up there hehe. On a not so windy day you really have to watch out not to trip about a tripod when visiting the upper observation deck of the Florianturm. We also took some pictures and here they are:

We spent about 45 minutes up there, and meanwhile it’s gotten pretty dark. We almost missed the fireworks for kids which started at about nine-ish. So we left the Florianturm and tried to make it to the fairground the fireworks for kids was supposed to take place and almost made it in time. Kids fireworks was nice actually, went on for like 10 minutes or so and you could hear and see the little ones enjoy it. Heck, even i liked it hehe.

With the fireworks for kids behind us we strolled to the next best food stall to grab something to eat before heading to the “Seebühne” where the great fireworks was scheduled for 10:30pm. We arrived at about ten-ish and had enough time to look for a reasonably good spot to take pictures of the fireworks. When assembling the tripod we met a nice guy from Düsseldorf who came to shoot the fireworks as well. Had a pleasant chat until 10:30pm when the lights on the Seebühne went out and the fireworks started.

There also three videos available at that might interest you :)

[youtube id=”svkxiSCsy6Y” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]
[youtube id=”MkD7L5ntPBg” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]
[youtube id=”HI6x-QbgPDI” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

To sum up:
The 20€ entrance fee were very well spend on that day. We had a lot of fun walking/strolling through the Westfalenpark and we are already looking forward to next year’s Lichterfest. Not really sure if there is a “Winterleuchten” this year too, which basically is the same thing as the Lichterfest just a little smaller and somewhere around December/January, but if there is then we will be there :)

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