Job Center here i come :)

arbeitsamtTomorrow is gonna be a weird day i guess. Have an appointment at the Job Center, filing for unemployment. What’s weird is that i have to do this like three months in advance before my temp contract ends (31.12.2014). Filing for unemployment while still having a job might sound stupid but that’s how things work here in Germany. Made the appointment about 2 weeks ago and wonder what’s gonna happen there. Guess they will just open a file under my name, put basic details and maybe ask a few questions like if i already applied to other companies in case the contract doesn’t get renewed/extended.

As i haven’t heard anything about an renewal/extension i already applied to some companies, in Germany as well as in Ireland and UK. There also is the option to apply to, but their office is located in Lithuania which i consider the very last resort hehe. Post will be updated with more info when back from the Job Center tomorrow.

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