Hostinger Sale

Hostinger Winter Sale

Another day, another Hostinger sale. Jut found a message in my Inbox with another Coupon that can be used for paid hosting packages. This time you can save 55% on their premium hosting plans that start from £1.99 a month and their business packages which start at £3.99 a month. Don’t get fooled by those prices though, to make it £1.99 a month (or £3.99 a month for the business account respectively) you will have to pay 48 months in advance. And seriously, who does pay his hosting for four years in advance?

But before i get carried off, if you want to give hostinger a try you could do so using their premium plan quarterly, which adds up to £14.97. Adding the coupon you’ll end up at around £6.74 for 3 months of hosting which isn’t too bad. And here is the coupon code

Hostinger Winter Sale

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