Hostinger hacked

Hostinger offers a 55% discount

Another Hostinger coupon coming up. This time you can save 55% on all new orders and hosting plan upgrades (which means upgrading from their free hosting to their paid hosting plans). 55% discount is nice, but the way the advertise the account makes me laugh really hard.

You probably read about, another hosting company run by the same guys behind Hostinger, which was hacked earlier this year. A few days ago the hack became public and they had to admit to their service being hacked and that their client database was leaked. So advertising a discount using a slogan like “Our Prices have been hacked”….that’s a poor choice for a slogan imho. Should have used something else that does not contain the word “hacked” hehe.

Hostinger Prices hacked

Anyway, as i said already a 55% discount on their prices is really good, so are their paid hosting plans (pricewise at least, i can’t really say something about the performance of their shared servers as i do not have a paid plan with them). So if you don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune on paid hosting then Hostinger sure is worth a closer look. If you are not happy with their service then you can get your money back as they offer the typical 30-days money back guarantee like almost every paid host does ->

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