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Just found this in my inbox and thought i’d let you know. Six more domains are now available when creating your free hosting account at Below is a list of the domains (oh, and the email as well as ) and there is at least one of them that sounds somewhat familiar. was used by a few years back, around 2010 i believe.

Hello Hostinger users!

We are glad to announce that we have prepared 6 new short domain names for your websites:


To get started login to your Hostinger control panel at, choose to create a new hosting account and select any of these free domain names for your website.

Hostinger providers the best premium hosting plans on the market with features like:
– Unlimited disk space
– Unlimited data transfer
– Unlimited server resources
– Free domain name!
– No restrictions for file uploads, email sending, PHP and MySQL
– Dedicated help and fast answers to your questions

You are welcome to upgrade your hosting account anytime from Hostinger client area at

Thank you for using our services!

Looking at the domain names….i can’t see myself using any of the above. They are just ridiculous and i don’t get why doesn’t offer domains with somewhat more “regular” names.…..come on, who wants a domain like that?


    • Well, sign up with Hostinger then. However, you do not get a free top level domain when signing up, but can use one of their free domain names

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