Hostinger SMTP no longer offers SMTP for free accounts

Well, it took longer than i expected but finally has shut down SMTP services for their free accounts. I just received the email about “big changes” in their email service. Basically, what they do is shutting down the SMTP service for free accounts. I still wonder why they offered it at all. Did they really think users would not abuse that and not send billions of spam mails, ultimately leading to their SMTP servers getting listed on pretty much every black list there is? Seriously, they should have known that. Not a single free hosting company i know does offer free SMTP services…and they don’t offer them for a reason. If they would offer free SMTP services then those services would be abused.



We would like to announce that Hostinger is launching a big change on email service. In order to better serve you and improve our service quality, we have redesigned our email system. These changes will be implemented on 19th of May.

Free hosting users will no longer be able to use IMAP and SMTP services. Our email service is currently heavily abused by bad users who are sending spam, overloading servers and damaging reputation of our email delivery system, which results in rejected emails sent even by good users.

Free hosting users will still be able to use POP3 service to receive email and for SMTP we recommend using your internet service provider SMTP server. All internet service providers will give you a SMTP server for free. Additionally you can still use our WebMail client to send email if needed.

Good news for paid hosting users – we have added SSL support to all email protocols, so you can now enjoy:
– SMTP with SSL: port number 465
– SMTP with SSL: port number 587 if port number 465 is blocked
– SMTP without SSL: port number 25
– SMTP without SSL: port number 2525 if port number 25 is blocked
– POP3 with SSL: port number 995
– POP3 without SSL: port number 110
– IMAP with SSL: port number 993
– IMAP without SSL: port number 143

Additionally, for paid hosting users, we have increased email sending limits, moved all email to dedicated premium email servers and will implement an automated email backup/restore feature in nearly future!

*** Coupon code for 55% discount ***
To compensate free hosting users for inconveniences we have created a coupon code that gives 55% discount when upgrading your hosting account. Use a coupon code SALE55 when purchasing hosting plan upgrade, domain name or server. Coupon code is valid from May 12 to May 26 and can be used unlimited times.

To get started please login to your account at

Hostinger would like to thank you again for using our services and for support! We love our job and improve our service every day.
Hostinger United Kingdom


Looking at the way they advertise their premium mail services it might also be possible that they just stopped the free SMTP service to increase sales, though i doubt that. But you never know hehe. Anyway, it all comes down to no more SMTP services being available for the free accounts.

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