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Hostinger Affiliate Program
Hostinger Affiliate Program


Hi everyone,
a few days ago i posted about the Hostinger Affiliate Program and how i requested a payout for referring clients. To be frank, i didn’t expect them to actually pay me (knowing that it’s run by pretty much the same guys that operate the referral system). But i was wrong hehe. It took them a couple of days to approve the request and i was somewhat surprised when i received the email about the payment from Hostinger. They deposited the money in my PayPal account within 3 working days, that’s fair enough i would say.

Since i have about 25 referrals left i think i will request another five payments of 3GBP each and see if they are processed in the same way my first payment was. For now i can say that the Hostinger Affiliate Program seems legit, and if you also have received payments for referring users you are welcome to post comments on whether your request was handled in a professional way (like mine was) or if Hostinger gave you some headache and you had to chase up your requests with Hostinger.

I also wonder if they will ever add banners/images to put on a website or if they will only offer that link. I’d like to put a static banner on this blog, maybe i should just send them an email asking whether there is something in the making banner-wise. Probably easier to put a little image with a link than just a plain text link imho.

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