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I just answered a few support tickets over at, one of them was about the pricing and that a user was billed $7.84 instead of $4.84. Well, except for the fact that those kind of tickets should be created at, i once more had to explain the the monthly price of $4.84 is valid only if you pay 36 months in advance. If you pay for a shorter period of time, like 24 or 12 months then the montly price will increase slightly.

This is common to pretty much all webhosting companies, they display the cheapest monthly price on their site, but “fail” to mention that you have to pay for like 36 months to actually get that monthly price. I find it kinda confusing and dishonest to a certain extent to not explicitly mention the actual price you have to pay when signing up for 12 months or more. Anyway, to make things easier and show you what you have to pay here are the prices for the Silver and Gold plans. Silver Plan

[table id=1 /] Gold Plan

[table id=2 /]


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