Happy New Year 2014

Happy-New-Year-2014-27With about 8 hours (GMT+1)  left i’d like to with everyone reading this a happy new year and always remember that a new years gives us a fresh hope for a better future and success. New Year is there to enjoy and take rest and to face our challenges with more courage (at least that’s what people are supposed to do hehe).

I will spend the evening with people i appreciate being around me and were there for me whenever i needed them. People that believed in me and people that i believed in. I just hope you do the same and celebrate New Years with the same kind of people, rather than just getting piss drunk at some party and eventually puke in some sort of projectile fashion hehe.

That being said i hope most of my plans for 2014 (noticed how i avoided the word “resolutions”?) will work out eventually. There are quite some plans, involving my professional career, as well as some private things i won’t mention here on this blog. But if they work out the way they are supposed to then 2014 should become a very good year for me. As far as resolutions are concerned there are….none. I quit quitting smoking and decided to die happy, i don’t want to become a nicer person or whatever. I am who i am and i don’t see why i should change that. What i will change is my attitude towards some asshamsters which in the past turned out to be backstabbing motherfuckers. You know, like being all friendly when talking to you but when listening to scuttlebutt while talking with colleagues they just put a knife in your back. There’s a couple of them i recognised and will treat them accordingly :)

Overall 2013 was a great year, certainly some things could have gone better but looking back i am very satisfied with how everything worked out. Enough for now, have to get ready to go the party my friends arranged. So be safe everyone and we’ll see us in 2014 ^^

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