tux-161443_640 That’s right, the penguin guy goes biking. Spent a considerable amount of money on a Mountain Bike and accessories such as a GPS tracking device (Blaupunkt BikePilot), lights and whatnot i will now do tours every now and then. The first few tours were disillusioning somehow, i managed 20-30 kilometres and had sore muscles. Maybe that’s due to the fact that i haven’t been riding a bike for like 20 years or so, and didn’t excercise much in general lately. But since i got the Withings Pulse OX and the Withings Smart Scale i started training again (running mainly, plus some lifting) and now, with the summer almost being here i figured it would be fun to buy a bike and just ride it. Most of the times i will have my camera bag with me and hope to get some nice landscape pictured while on tour.

Tomorrow i am aiming for a 30-40 kilometres track, leading me from Dortmund to the “Horstmarer See”, then along the “Datteln-Ems Kanal” and finally back home. Weatherwise it’s going to rain (65% probability) but i’ll do the tour regardless hehe. To make use of the GPS device i bought i will record the tracks and post them. Not that it’s of interest to anyone, i just like to make the tracks available to the general public. GPX files also will be posted at and be available for download from there.

Below is an example of what the entries, or to be more precise, the maps will look like. I might get rid of those numbers for Elevation/Descents/Etc and just display the map, maybe along with a download link for the GPX file which one can import to devices capable of parsing GPX files.

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Home to Zenda.gpx”]


Oh, and here’s an image of my bike. An entry level model which will be replaced by something more sophisticated in a few months i guess. For now the bike is perfectly fine and will serve me well, but there definitely is room for improvement hehe


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