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Windows 10 Upgrade
Windows 10 Upgrade

HabschnedIf you are still experiencing that bloody “Upgrade to Windows 10” reminder on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation and don’t want to upgrade (well, i wouldn’t know of a single reason to do so) then there now is an easier way to remove / disable the awkward GWX Updater that tries to shove Windows 10 down your throat (or on your harddisk).

Disable GWX Update Window

To get rid of that upgrade reminder it takes just three entries to the registry. So grab yourself a text editor, even Notepad will do, and paste the lines below in a new document

Save the file with the extension .reg, for example gwx.reg and then execute it. A popup window will show up showing a warning about how adding code to the registry can harm your system. Ignore that and continue by clicking Yes and the information above will be added. Now all that’s left to do is to reboot your system and the GWX tool will be gone.

Regedit Warning

In case you downloaded the Windows 10 installation files to your computer already you can now remove them using the Disk Cleanup feature for your C drive (or whatever the drive letter of your Windows partition is).

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