Good bye

Good Bye

Time has come to finally leave the community. I have been with for almost like six and a half years, working as volunteer support staff member for the last 3 years. During that time i replied to thousands of support tickets, and posted thousands of posts at their support forum.  Lately i somehow lost interest in answering the same questions over and over again, and i am also bugged by the behaviour of the Admin team. Not going into detail here, it’s just that i have the feeling they don’t care about the free webhosting service anymore.

They also seem to “push” users from to their new baby, I just got this in my inbox today:

It looks like they want their users to move from to, else they wouldn’t send such mails, would they? I just wonder why, because after doing some testing with my account it shows no real improvement compared to Sure, servers aren’t overloaded yet, but will be if users move to

Anyway, i am done with and will no longer provide any form of support for questions related to their service :)

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