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Your Gmail email address has invalid format!

When signing up for a free hosting account at you might experience problems using your Gmail (Googlemail) email address. Say you have an email address like [email protected] and plan on using that for your account then don’t as it won’t work. For some reason only allows for email addresses like [email protected] If you have a Gmail address with more than one dot in front of the @ symbol then you can’t sign up using that address because seems to have some verification in place which isn’t too happy seeing such addresses.

Gmail Error
Gmail Error

The weird thing is that it only fails when using a Gmail address. If you, for example, use [email protected] the registration works perfectly fine. No error messages whatsoever. I wonder why they put that in place, probably because of many spam signups using Gmail as email providers. If so, then they should have added the same verification for any major email provider out there, like Yahoo, Outlook (former Hotmail) and all the others.

Anyway, if you do not have an alternative email address then you will have to get one if you still want to make use of their free hosting account.


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