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HabschnedYep, Galleries that used to be hosted here are gone now. After days of trying to fix the the issue with the Pro Lightbox that comes with NextGen Gallery Plus and Pro i gave up and removed all galleries from the server. The NextGen support wasn’t much help either, so now i am stuck with a Gallery plugin i paid for but can’t use. I tried to troubleshoot and narrow down the issue by removing/deactivating all other plugins, i even reverted the site to the default theme that come with WordPress but that didn’t help either. Right now it feels like i am fighting a losing battle against NextGen Gallery, though i haven’t given up hope on fixing this and i am looking at alternative ways of hosting the Gallery images.

Here is the actual error message i have been dealing with over the last few days. Maybe you had a similar issue with NextGen Gallery (or the same) and can give me some ideas or point me in the right direction.



Well, there are two “alternatives” basically. The final choice will be between and Both, however, have their pros and cons and chances are that i will end up using both of them for storing the Gallery images that were hosted here. On most of the images are online already whereas on there are only three images uploaded as of now. That means i have to root around through all the old images and see which are worthy to be uploaded to…not sure how much of a hassle that will be but considering the number of images….it’ll take days i guess hehe.

What’s disappointing is that neither of them offers a reasonably good tool to upload a batch of images. did offer it until recently and but now decided that the Flickr Upload Tool will be available for PRO accounts only (see this blog post over at for more info on that). I don’t see me paying $50 for an annual subscription so if i continue to use Flickr i will have to deal with the web-based upload tool. afaik never really offered an upload tool, so there it’s the web-based upload tool as well. I do have a Plus account there, so no need for an additional subscription and looking at the features available, it seems like is the service to go for.

Will that affect images displayed in posts?

Will that affect images displayed in posts?
Not at all, since about 99% of the images in posts here are uploaded to the WordPress Media Gallery. I just used NextGen Gallery to display albums of our vacations (well, mostly). I did like the Pro Lightbox thing of Nextgen with the comment and sharing feature and its full-screen mode but i guess over time i can do without that. And now….it’s back to looking at and comparing features offered by and to make a final decision on this matter.


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