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HabschnedA couple of days ago i took all the galleries down because of some technical problems i could not get sorted out. Galleries acted all weird, like showing no images in albums or not displaying thumbnails inside a gallery. I tried troubelshooting this and, eventually, tracked it down to a problem with the OPCode cache causing all sorts of havoc on how the galleries work. No matter what i configured for the OPCode cache settings, the galleries just didn’t work and i got kinda annoyed about that to the point where i decided to take all the galleries down and host images externally (was thinking about and

I put and through their paces to see if what i had in mind would work but it didn’t. For just hosting a set of images both services are perfectly fine but when it comes to embedding images in an album-like manner in WordPress they fall short of my expectations. After giving several plugins a try and not being happy with them i went back looking at what is causing the problems between the OPCode cache and the gallery i used on this site. Put in a nutshell it was a problem with caching strings properly which is now sorted and the galleries appear to be working fine again after the OPcode cache was modified to avoid that caching issue.

So yeah, galleries are back online…well most of them. A couple of galleries won’t make it back online but except for maybe four or five of them everything is back and i added new ones already.

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