FSI going down

Here’s the explanation of why FSI is pointing to Habschned.com:

A while back the VPS this site runs on was migrated from Infinitetech.eu to Dediserv.eu. In the process there must have been some changes at Infinitetech.eu that prevented me from renewing free-installations.info and i am now having loads of issues getting it renewed and transferred away from Infinitetech.eu. If all goes well then i am moving FSI to DediServ and will either run it from a different VPS or from the one Habschned.com runs off.

Free Script Installation Service
Free Script Installation Service

I am currently sorting out the transfer process wit all parties involved, Infinitetech.eu, Public Domain Registry and Namecheap, and hope to have the domain transfer completed this coming weekend. Once the transfer is done i will decide what’s going to happen with FSI. Current plans are to switch back from XenForo to vBulletin, but that won’t happen before end of July (mainly because of the money vBulletin wants for a vBulletin 5 license. So FSI might stay down until then. Updates will be posted here on this blog, and i am really really not looking forward to convert everything from XF to vB but it has to be done for what i have in mind :)

So…stay tuned, i promise to bring FSI back online a.s.a.p.

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