FSI Offline

HabschnedIf you are reading this post then chances are you have been forwarded here from http://www.free-installations.info. As from today the Free Script Installation Service  (FSI) i used to offer for quite a number of scripts is offline. I started the free script installation service back in June 2010 and installed about 550-ish scripts during that time free of charge. Well, that’s the number of script installation requests in the forum, on top of that there are 200 or so script installations i did beyond the forum, based on requests via email or other forums i am active in.


There are a number of reasons for shutting the free script installation service down, one of them (and probably the main reason) is that i am no longer willing to read messages or posts from people that

  • did not read the FSI FAQ about what exactly i offered
  • say that they read the FAQ yet request things that are beyond the FSI scope
  • badmouth me for not installing their scripts which were beyond the FSI scope

I lost count on the number of posts / conversations i went through to tell people that they should read the FAQ to see what scripts i offer to install for free, and that any script not listed could be installed for a small fee. Guess what, as soon as i mentioned the word “fee” about 90% of the users asking for a script to be installed magically turned into cheapskates and either never got back to me about the script installation or, as mentioned already, started complaining on forums and sorta insisted on having their script installed by me for free.

This stops today, the service is offline and any request coming in by mail or in the comments on this blog  to have a script installed for free will be rejected. If at all i will do script installations on a paid basis only, the fee will be determined depending on what script needs to be installed. I was thinking about setting up a page on this blog where you could order a paid script installation but i am not sure if that’s worth the effort of installing a shop solution where you can actually purchase the script installation service and a support ticket system to handle the actual script installation requests.

Maybe that’s something i will consider in the near future, maybe not. There is no final decision on that though, and to be frank i already looked into using scripts like WHMCS or Woocommerce to handle a paid installation service but neither of them fully met my requirements. For now, if you really really want a script installed then feel free to contact me and i am sure we can work out something for a small fee.