First week of vacation is over

Sadly, the first week of vacation is over now.
It’s been a pretty busy week though, spent hell of a lot of time on the bike event hough the weather wasn’t that good really. Rain for the better part of the week, the only day were it didn’t rain much was Saturday, the other days offered pretty much every variety of rain there is, drizzle, light rain, heavy rain…you name it. Now add the autumn winds to the rain and temperatures near the freezing point and you get a rough picture of how i “enjoyed” the time i spent on the bike.

Saturday kinda made up for the rest of the days, temperature was somewhat pleasing and almost no rain, heck not even drizzle and i took the opportunity to take a longish walk through Romberpark, enjoying a bit of Indian Summer with the leafes on the trees being all colorful. Also paid a visit to my favorite animals in that park, the squirrels. Packed some nuts and my camera and went to take some pictures. To my surprise not only the squirrels were happy to see a nutcase with some nuts in his hand, some robins and bluetits joined in and took some nuts, then flew to a branch nearby and happily pecked the nuts.

Overall distance on the bike for the first week was ~375km, which is slightly more than i had planned and i am perfectly happy with the result this week. The second week probably will see an increase in distance as the weather is supposed to be way better than it was last week.

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