Feb 15 Update

HabschnedAnother month, another update. Halfway through February already and so far my bike stats look ok i guess? Today’s Feb 15th 2016 and i have done 445.55 kilometers on the bike so far. Could have been a couple of kilometers more though, but all those flat tires earlier this month kinda stopped me from doing long-distance runs on the weekends as i, to some extent, lost the confidence in the bike. I resorted to installing “Anti-Platt Band” which is sort of a plastic that goes between the tire and the tube and seems to work well. No flat tyre since i installed it and i regained confidence in the bike and went for two longer rides after installing it (about 50km each).

Bike Stats Feb 16

Target milage for February again is 850 kilometers (which i failed to reach in January). This month i am confident that i’ll hit the 850km as there are two more weekends to come with each of them adding about 100-120 kilometers and i also slightly changed my commute. The way to work now is 14.5 kilometers instead of just 9 kilometers

[bikemap route=”3405605″]

And the way back home now is 11.5 kilometers instead 9. This adds a total of 8 kilometers per day and a total daily distance of 26 kilometers. With 10 workdays left in February that’ll be 260 kilometers for my commute only. Adding the kilometers i’ll do on the weekends i might as well just scratch on the 900 kilometers this month (unless there is another streak of bad luck hitting me hehe).


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