Expenses so far

HabschnedTwo months left until the start of “Project Denmark”.
On May 7th i’ll start the bike ride home from Skagen in Denmark to Dortmund. The preparations are almost complete. Routes have been planned, camp sites booked, necessary equipment bought. However, there still are a few things to sort and most of them incur further expenses. Looking at what i spent so far i am somewhat surprised that a “simple” trip of 900 kilometers eats up that much money hehe.


Here is a brief list of expenses for the Project Denmark trip so far.  Included are the costs for the short vacation in Skagen (we will be staying in a Hotel from May 3rd to May 6th, on May 7th we’ll check out and i’ll start my bike trip. My gf will take the train to Horsens to see her parents and we’ll meet there on day three of my bike trip, from there she’ll take the train back to Dortmund).

  • Bulls Copperhead 3 – 1049€
  • Ergon GP 3 Bar Ends – 50€
  • 2 Sets Schwalbe Smart Sam+ – 160€
  • 4 Tubes Schwalbe SV19A – 36€
  • Sigma Multitool PT16 – 18€
  • Custom made saddle form SQLab – 112€
  • New Backpack and Molle Addons – 180€
  • 2 One Way Tickets Dortmund -Skagen – 180€
  • One Way Ticket Horsens – Dortmund – 80€
  • 3 day stay at Hotel Strandvejen in Skagen – 260€
  • Camping in Denmark (3 nights planned) – 30€
  • Camping in Germany (3 nights planned)
  • Spare batteries for phone and navigation devices – 50€
  • Food & Drinks for the tour – 100€

That’s not all though. A few purchases have yet to be made and will add additional costs. So far it’s well above 2000€ i spent on that vacation and bike ride and i expect to spend another 500€ for things like a GoPro Hero, spare batteries for the GoPro and some SD Cards for filming parts of the trip. In the early stages of planning the entire thing i didn’t expect to spend more than ~1500€ in total. But the more i planned the more expensive it became, then the idea of combining the bike trip with a short vacation in Skagen came up and that’s where things went way over the 2000€ limit.

I am not sure about how much i will spent in total, but i guesstimate it to be close to 3000€. That’s an awful lot of money which some might say i waste but hey…you only live once and i haven’t done something stupid like this trip in a while now and felt it’s about time. Cashing-up will be done after we returned from Project Denmark and then i’ll post the total amount of money spent on that thing hehe

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