Error #1045

Error #1045 – Access denied for user


For a couple of days now users are seeing the error message Error
#1045 – Access denied for user ‘xxxxxxxx_xxxxx’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) when trying to access their databases using phpMyAdmin in their control panel. I reported this issue on the helpdesk blog for the admins to check on December 23rd, unfortunately there wasn’t a response yet. Another volunteer,(Chanh), added sort of a reminder to my original post so it got bumped to the very top of the Helpdesk blog and i hope admins look into it a.s.a.p.

 Can’t really say more on what exactly is failing there and preventing users from accessing their databases or get their scripts, which rely on access to the MySQL database, working. There are many tickets waiting for a response on when it will be fixed, but without any feedback from the admin team it’s kinda impossible to give even a rough estimate on neither the forums nor helpdesk tickets. This blog entry will be updated as soon as the issue has been fixed by the admin guys.


  1. Currently, I’m having the same problem.

    I kept getting the same error, until I changed the information to the correct ones for the db connection. At that point, I can access the database through both phpMyAdmin and the website.

    However, after a while, I got the same error back, and still in that situation even now. I’m not sure if editing other files in there (that does not disturb the database connection) caused this because it might happened just after I finished editing another file in the website.

    Changing the password was not a problem, but I still keep getting the error. I tried creating another database, but it was the same result nevertheless.

    I’ve searched the Internet regarding this problem. Some have solutions, but it didn’t work for me.

    I’m not sure if this problem was solved before I posted this. If it did, I apologize. I hope this problem would be solved as soon as possible so that the others will not have a hard time on this problem.

    • Uh… Can you ignore this comment?

      It might been my mistake. I actually had two different pages for the db connection.

      Since the other one remained unused, so I deleted it. And after I deleted it, I was able to access the database again through the phpMyAdmin and the website. It’s either that or I forgot to update the password to the latest change.

      • Comment ignored :) occasionally has MySQL related problems, i.e. their database server failing because of high load. Every now and then you might encounter said error despite having the correct database details entered in your script(s).

      • what do u mean “two different pages” ????? and where to delete it.. i got this problem and cant figure out what is the problem. kindly help me :(

        • What is the exact problem you have?
          Can’t you connect to your datbase via phpMyAdmin or is it a script on your Website that is unable to connect?

  2. Hello all,

    I am having the same issue: cannot connect to phpMyAdmin and getting the error message:

    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘a5178660_user’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

    All the details are correct, tried deleting the database, creating a new one with different usernames and passwords – still getting the same error…

    Is it a temporary server issue? Any known workarounds?

    • Can you try to change the current password for any of the two databases in your account and then log into phpMyAdmin? Let me know if that worked.

  3. Thanks for your quick reply!
    Tried that just now, but no luck. Waited a couple of minutes too before opening phpMyAdmin to allow the new password to register, but still getting the same error :(
    Anyway, I’ve opened a ticket at 000webhosting, so hopefully their support can solve this.

    • Glad that it’s working now.
      The mysqlservers sometimes experience load spikes (typically on a weekend) which might cause phpMyAdmin to not connect. Might have hit one of those spikes :)

  4. Greetings i have have a few accounts, my older mysql/phpmyadmin account is still working fine, but the new one i am tring to set up for some development is not working im getting the same errors as listed above. “#1045 – Access denied for user ‘[email protected]’localhost’ (using password: YES)” I have opened a ticket with 000webhost and will update when they have it fixed

  5. #1045 – Access denied for user ‘a8793676_user’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

    I have given the correct database credentials and tried deleting the database and added it again. No luck :(

    • Where are you getting this error? When trying to access phpMyAdmin in your control panel or when trying to install/run some script on your website?

  6. to me I also appears error when I try to access phpMyAdmin … #1045 – Access denied for user ‘a3640898_jo’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

  7. Getting the same kind of error!
    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘a1439943_speed’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)
    Getting this error while trying to login using the 000webhost and phpMyadmin.
    All the login credentials are correct.
    ANY HELP ! Thanks !!

    • It logged in !:)
      To others having the same problem, just wait for 1/2 an hour or so. it might have caused because of the traffic load on the 000webhost site. It gets fixed automatically.

  8. This is the error i face when i try to login to phpmyadmin #1045 – Access denied for user ‘a5594277_user’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)
    please help me what i have to do with this problem

    • The best thing to do is to wait for a bit. Especially on weekends the MySQL servers suffer from high load because of many users being online and accessing databases on the servers.

      I think i read a comment somewhere above where that also was the case.

  9. So essentially this error is just a matter of waiting? Because I just created and recreated tons of databases and it would give me the same exact error.

    • If you get the error towards the weekend then chances are that the MySQL server is experiencing high load and therefore throws the 1045 error message, yes. Did you get this error when trying to access the databases through phpMyAdmin?

  10. Hi , how long time to allow entry to phpmyadmin ?, believes a Sunday and Tuesday even for me not allowed to enter … :(

    • On weekends it can take the whole day to be able to access phpMyAdmin. It’s a matter of waiting really

  11. Hi I am getting this problem called,
    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘a8451332_xxxx’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)
    I have waited about 7 hours to get logged in through the phpMyAdmid
    but it didn’t work.
    Now what to do?????

  12. Not working Still Seeing this
    #1045 – Access denied for user ‘a8451332_xxxx’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

  13. Same here…the error keeps popping up no matter how many times I delete and create DBs and no matter how many times I logout refresh or do any similar action…

    • Unfortunately not.
      I haven’t used for quite a while now but it seems they still have loads of issues with their free service. Imho it’d be best to change hosts.

  14. waited a couple of days. was able to log in. changed my PW and then re-encountered the error. I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of days again. Pffft…

  15. Buenos días

    Poseo 2 hosting con nombres son: www, y .ve respectivamente y hasta los momentos no he podido ingresar desde la base de datosmi página a la base de datos, he creado y borrado varias veces y aun asi no pudo accesar: meaparecen los sigui
    No puede conectar al servidor de base de Datos

    Ahora bien con miociocreativo aparece:
    No puede conectar al servidor de base de Datos
    Y esta es mi rutina:
    $Nombre_Db = “a6766874_informa”;
    $Servidor_Db = “”;
    $Usuario_Db =”a6766874_negra”;
    $Clave_Db = “********”;
    $Enlace= @mysql_connect($Servidor_Db, $Usuario_Db, $Clave_Db);

    if (!$Enlace) die( “No puede conectar al servidor de base de Datos” );
    mysql_select_db( $Nombre_Db, $Enlace );
    entrando al area no me aparece la opcion de ticket

    Gracias por su valiosa ayuda

    • Hello,
      i don’t speak spanish but let me try to help you anyway.

      $Servidor_Db = “”;
      That is wrong. You need to put the actual MySQL server name which can be found in your control panel in the MySQL section (typically something like where xx is the number of the MySQL server your database is hosted on)

  16. and it still has not been fixed, to log into phpmyadmin still experiencing the same problem !!!
    fck 000webhost

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