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WordPressI came across a little problem with the Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes Pro addon i use here. After upgrading from the free version to their Pro version i noticed that the pagination stopped working. No matter what i tried settingwise it just didn’t work. Instead of displaying the link to the next page(s) the Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes Pro just added some vertical space where the actual pagination links should have been displayed.

I went through the settings a number of times, even tried to override the global pagination in the EBS Shortcode Pro settings to no avail. After trying every single setting there is and not getting pagination to work properly i resorted to to changing things in the database directly. A quick look in phpMyAdmin told me that there were 31 instances of <!–nextpage–> used in my posts. Now, instead of having to edit every single database entry i used a simple UPDATE/REPLACE query to do so. After running the query phpMyAdmin confirmed that those 31 instanced were changed successfully.

MySQL Update


If you encounter similar problems with other plugins, or would like to replace certain strings in your posts (i can imagine a dozen scenarios for this query to come in handy) then you could use this code as a starting point and replace the columns/tables/strings with whatever you need replaced. So without further ado here is the query to run in phpMyAdmin

Update wp_posts
Tells MySQL what table to update

SET post_content = REPLACE (post_content, ‘<!–nextpage–>’, ‘<!–custompagination–>’)
Tells MySQL what column to replace the strings in, the first string is the one to be replaced, the second one (<!–custompagination–> in this case) is the one to replace the first string with.

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