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How to disable 000webhost.com banners

In case you do not log into your 000webhost.com control panel every once in a while 000webhost.com will consider your account inactive and advertisements will appear on your website. They seem to have either a cron job or script running that checks for inactive accounts by checking the last control panel logins and then flags the account inactive.

Normally it is enough to log in to your 000webhost.com control panel and the next time the script runs the ads will disappear. According to the admin team of 000webhost.com they synchronize activity/logins at some point during the weekend. So if you log into your control panel on a monday to disable the ads you will have to wait until next monday for them to disappear.

Just like with alot of other features at 000webhost.com there is the possibility that the system does not synchronize the control panel logins properly and the ads keep showing up despite you having logged in to the control panel. In this case there is a workaround that you could try to disable the ads immediately. Simply add the following two lines to your .htaccess file in your public_html directory:

Save the changes, clear your browser cache and the ads / banners should be gone for good.

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