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HabschnedSix days into January 2016 already, so here’s a quick update on my bike adventures so far. Well, not really adventures per se, more like plans, stats and what’s happened on the last tours. In Short…got attacked by a dog and almost got killed in traffic. Other than that everything else is on schedule.

Prepping for my target of 10.000 kilometers on my bike(s) this year, which means i have to average 850km a month at least. While this won’t be a problem during summer or early fall i can see it becoming somewhat of the problem during winter and parts of spring. It’s not always easy to overcome one’s weaker self when it’s raining or you know that you’ll be having headwind for the better part of the tour that makes 20 kilometers appear like 50. Yet it try and so far have succeeded. Since New Year i biked a total of 209,47 kilometers, not too bad for 6 days. That averages to ~35 kilometers a day and if i can keep that i will exceed the monthly target.

Runtastic Stats 2016Daily commute adds about 20 kilometers a day, so with 17 working days and no sick leave that’s another 340 kilometers just by commuting. Leaves me with 300 kilometers i have to do on weekends. Luckily there are 4 weekends left in January 2016, so doing about 38 kilometers on Saturdays and Sundays should make me reach my monthly target distance. Should because there is one’s weaker self and personal matters that might prevent me doing XX kilometers on a Saturday or Sunday, also the weather might thwart my ambition. Not sure if i will do a 50 kilometer ride when it’s snowing or with black ice on the roads..

Next update on my progress is due in about a week or so (probably more towards the 15th or 16th of January.

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