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AT&T and Comcast blocking IPs and domains

I can’t remember exactly when the first tickets were submitted by users about not being able to access their websites, think it was about two years ago or so. When checking i had no problems accessing those websites, neither did anyone else of the the helpdesk team. We had users testing if they could access the websites via Proxy Servers or Proxy Services like which worked fine for them. Some users also reported that they were able to access the website using their 4G phone with Verizon as provider.

All this lead us to believe that Comcast and AT&T, for whatever reason, put some IPs assigned to the servers (each server has 32 IPs assigned to it) and /or the domains used for free subdomains (,,, etc.) on a blacklist which, in turn, prevented Comcast customers from accessing sites hosted on the affected IPs or domains. User also posted on the Comcast forums, sadly no official statement was posted in response. Neither was there an official statement from AT&T, who also seem to block IPs and / or domains.


If you are a customer of Comcast or AT&T i would love to hear if you are able to access your site(s) hosted with or not. We occasionally receive tickets about said issue, and also see posts on the forums but the number of them has decreased somewhat. So they probably removed some of the domains or IPs from their blacklist. If you cannot access your site please let me know which domain and server IP it is hosted on. This might help me narrowing down what domains are affected by the block and i will forward this to the admins to sort out the issue with AT&T and Comcast


  1. Hello habschned. I recently started hosting my own site with a free .tk domain and a DNS hosted by 000webhhost. They have proven to be a very reliable host for my site so far. The only drawback being the att and comcast block. Ive solved this problem for the most part by registering my site under a free cloudflare account which will route all of the site traffic through their servers and even keep a cached copy of it for if your server goes down. However I am still struggling with getting an FTP connection with my server because cloudflare does not support the FTP protocol at the moment. However, you can still access it via a Net2FTP session at (that is free as well and does not require registration). The only problem I face now is the 23mb upload constraint. If you happen to find a workaround for this issue please let me know. ;)

    • Using Cloudflare to bypass the AT&T and Comcast block is a smart move, didn’t even think of that. Ofc that only works when you use your own domain, if you have to use one of the free subdomains then that trick won’t work. Not sure about the FTP part though, i set an A record in the Cloudflare DNS management for FTP but didn’t activate it (mainly because i have my FTP client set to connect to the server IP instead of the domain name).

      Personally i think that the Cloudflare “trick” is great, and if you don’t mind i’ll put that up on my blog.

      • If you wish to, you can easily get yourself a free .tk domain and connect it to your cloudflare (which you then link up to your nameservers). You register as many .tk domains as you want (along with 4 other free domain suffixes) with a free account at

        Anyway, I just found a workaround for the file limitation this morning (on accident surprisingly enough). I was checking out online utilities for html design and came across It allows you to import html to the editor from your ftp server AND allows you to upload files directly to it! As far as I know, there is no upload limit applied to the utility. I can only hope that people will respect this system so that they wont have to limit it. (The encrypted FTP link is running right through their own proxy, so they have to pay the big bills for the transfer.)

        Sadly, cloudflare does not support rerouting of the ftp ports. They have stated that they are working on fixing this but they are running into issues because of how they originally designed the cloudflare network.

        I would very much like it if you were to share this! Id hate for people to get the wrong idea about these services just because they don’t understand them. (a lot of people have been saying that 000webhost is a scam because of the shit comcast and att have been pulling. But I haven’t had any issues with them at all yet!)

        I’m going to be using my new website to host a lightweight blog and host videogames and software I make. :)

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