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Ever noticed that there is a problem with one of the file managers 000webhost offers you in their control panel to upload your files? Say you uploaded all the files belonging to your website to the public_html directory of your account with When checking your website, you notice that some images do not display properly. Instead of the actual image you either see the placeholder for non-existent images or an error message that says:
[alert-warning]The image cannot be displayed because it contains errors.[/alert-warning]

What do you do now? The first thing that will come to your mind is to upload the image again. So you go and upload the image just to find out that it is still broken. Checking the image on your computer everything is fine, conclusion is that the problem must be with the server, right? Wrong, the problem isn’t with the server but with one of the file managers available in your control panel. There are two of them, File Manager and Another File Manager. And if you suffer (your website actually) from broken images after upload then chances are that you used Another File Manager to upload your files. I did some testing on this, mainly because i have seen questions about broken images posted on the forums and was sort of bored this sunday afternoon. The problem seems to be that Another File Manager messes up the transfer type and chooses ASCII instead of Binary for the images. Here is what i tested and came up with:



Uploading using File Manager

For testing i chose a random image from my Flickr account and uploaded it using the File Manager from the control panel directly into the public_html folder of my test account at I also renamed the file to show you which file manager i used for uploading. The image upload worked fine and the image shows up in the browser no problem. Name of the file that i uploaded using File Manager is uploaded_with_File_Manager.jpg.

Uploading using Another File Manager

Ofc i tested the second file manager as well, and that is the one causing problems with images it seems. When uploading the image using Another File Manager and checking the image in the browser all i see is an error message, telling me that the image cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

Another File Manager Error
Another File Manager Error



Well, that’s an easy one. If you need to upload images for your website either use

  •’s File Manager
  • a FTP Client like FileZilla (a lot more convenient than any of the file managers)

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