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Well, it’s Christmas today and since i can’t be bothered with all that “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” shit i thought i’d spend the day looking for alternatives to the current WordPress theme i am using. After looking at quite a number of different themes i stumbled upon the BresponZive theme from Looks quite nice, not too heavy on resources and very customizable. offers a free version of the theme, so i tried downloading the free version and that was where shit hit the fan. After clicking the download link for the “free” version i  found out that it’s not free really. Before you can actually download it, they force you to “Pay with a Tweet”.

This means you have to tell your friends about that theme on either Google+, Twitter or Facebook. And that’s a no go for me. I am not gonna post some glorifying crap on Twitter, Google+ or Faceboo about a theme i didn’t even get to test. Sure, i could download Version 1.1.0 from, but is that the most recent version? I don’t think so. Here are some screenshots from their “Pay with a Tweet” page that show you what they expect you to do before you are allowed downloading their “free” BresponZive theme…

Can’t help it, but i don’t consider this “free” really. To me it’s a cheap form of advertising, if they offer it free they should link to the download without being forced to like, publish, share something about them or their themes. In short, i consider this a rip-off. If you want to give them access to your social network accounts via API then feel free to do so, i won’t.

Shame really, as i was about to buy the Pro version of theme if the free version would have lived up to my expectations after some testing but now i am going to spend money on a different theme from a different theme creator for sure. “Download Free Version”….my arse….


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