Bike Stats Mid January 16

HabschnedHalfway through January 2016, time again to take a quick look at my current bike stats. Last time i checked was about 10 days ago or so and the mileage was 210 kilometers roughly. Now, ten days later, i added up the kilometers i did since the last evaluation and have done about 450 kilometers within the last 15 days. Not too bad, especially when considering that on 9 out of the 10 days i had to deal with severe weather conditions like glaze (aka black ice), rain, some more rain, wind gusts up to 90 kilometers per hour and sleet. That’s just to name a few, there is much more like a puncture in my rear wheel that made me change the tube at 6:50am in the rain on the side of a street, in the dark.

But now, without further ado, here is what the current stats look like. Erm, well…forget about that “without further ado” bit, need to ramble on for a bit to hit the 300 words limit hehe. The goal in 2016 is to cycle a minimum of 10.000 kilometers which equals a minimum of ~850 kilometers a months (in case you are doing the math now, 833 kilometers a month each month should do. But 833 sounds odd, so i went for 850 kilometers instead). Looking at the results today i am well within what i am aiming to achieven. January 15th and i have done ~451 kilometers which is more than half of what i would have needed and i hope i can exceed the 850 kilometers this month by a hundred or so. Wouldn’t be bad as it would give some leeway for the other winter months where i might have bad luck with the weather (not that the weather was great in January, in fact it was crap).

Bike Stats

Runtastic Mid January FeaturedSo far, so good. Besides the distance there is something else i need to work on. Elevation gain is something i need to focus on, sadly it’s kinda hard (if not impossible) to gain elevation in the area i live in. The area i live in (and the surrounding ones) are relatively flat, so gaining elevation becomes somewhat of a challenge, so to gain elevation i will have to make longer rides in the Sauerland direction where things get undulating and steep, very steep to be precise. The first tour which should gain me some elevation is due tomorrow and i am really really looking forward to it (especially as the forecast says there will be some snow in the afternoon).

Did i hit the 300 words limit yet? Checking…yes, i did. So no further nonsense here, i’ll be back with an update on the cycled distance on February 1st 2016, letting you know whether i managed to reach my goal of 850 kilometers in January or not.

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