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Toto Habschned
Toto Habschned

Finally back online. What was supposed to be an easy migration to new upstream carriers turned into a very ugly mess of monolithic proportions. The mail i got from the Data Center stated that the migration was starting on October 9th about 10-ish PM GMT and supposed to be complete on October 11th about 9-ish AM GMT. On October 10th around noon my server went down and the migration started. According to the mail from the data center it should not have taken longer than 2-3 hours for the box to be migrated to the new upstream carrier.

Well, that’s what the mail said. Like always, things went kinda south. As the box didn’t come back online after 24 hours i contacted the data center, asking how much longer it would take as they were way past those 3 hours tops they mentioned in the mail. The response i got was….well, disappointing at best.

Apologies for keeping this ticket unanswered for such long.

As notified via email we have been performing migration of servers to our new infrastructure. Unfortunately, this maintenance has exceeded the proposed time. All IP’s assigned to the servers are being changed and I will provide you with the new IPs that you can use to access your servers shortly.

Needless to mention all our technicians are working on this to get it restored ASAP.
Once more information is known I will update you again.
Would appreciate your patience in this matter.

That’s what i received as reply to my inquiry. About 4 hours later (back home from work) i replied, asking again about how much longer it would take as the box still wasn’t online and i had no email with new IP addresses in my inbox. This time they got back with the new IP addresses, so i went and updated all relevant services like DNS settings in Cloudflare. Put the new main server IP address and save the settings at What i saw then was disappointing again hehe. After the DNS changes were saved and propagated i was able to open in a browser, but when doing so i just saw the Default Server Page, not this blog. Neither were WHM or cPanel working as the license used for the box expired towards the end of 2011.

So i wrote another mail to the helpdesk, asking them to change the vhost IPs accordingly and to sort out the WHM/cPanel licensing issue. I also explained that i had a working site and management interface before, and i would like to have a working site and management interface again. I couldn’t be arsed to go through the Apache config via SSH and nano and change all IPs manually. They fucked it up, they were supposed to sort that out. About the WHM/cPanel licensing issue…well i couldn’t do much about that really. I pay my host a monthly fee for the license and it is their f*cking job to make sure the services i pay for are working. Else we are talking of refunds here, i am not going to pay money for services i cannot use because the other party messed them up.

Anyway, let’s look at the current status of the server and this site:
I brought it back online temporarily by changing the vhost IP addresses in /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf (which one is not supposed to do, always use includes instead of editing the file directly). I wanted the site back online so badly, i  edited that damn file hehe. The site works for now but might go offline again tomorrow as i need to fix a few more issues related to the migration.  cPanel and WHM are still non-functional and i sent another ticket asking to take care of the licensing issue immediately. Once access to WHM is restored i will rebuild Apache and PHP, tweak a few settings here and there and the site should work fine again.

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