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adsenseWhen reading through the forums or the support tickets opened by clients i often see complaints about Google Adsense ads not showing on websites. When they first contact the helpdesk they usually receive the canned reply about the code not being implemented correctly. This might be true for some of the people having problems with it, but the majority of users creating tickets and posting on the forum for help  cannot see their Google Adsense ads for a completely different reason which will not tell you. Or they simply do not care about that, whatever.


Why doesn’t Adsense show on sites?

There are two reasony why the Google Adsense ads might not show. The first one is that you have implemented the code incorrectly. But to be frank, it’s quite hard to screw up adding the code to your site. Normally you would put the code into the <body> part of your website and it will display just fine. Things can get harder when you are using some sort of CMS, Forum or similar scripts that require the code to be added at a specific place. Though when using a CMS or Forum script there are almost always plugins available that save you from having to mess with the code by modifying the core files of the script. A typical implementation in a plain HTML site would look like

Nothing wrong with the code above and the ad should show fine. Things go south when you host your website at and are using one of their free subdomains, like, or The main reason why you will not see your Google Adsense ads when using one of the free subdomains is that all of them seem to be blacklisted by Google and Ads will not be delivered to domains on their blacklist. Considering what the free hosting accounts are used for in some cases, like phishing or other illegal activity, it is no wonder that the subdomain names got blacklisted at some point. It’s not just the ISPs like Verizon, Comcast or AT&T that blacklisted some, if not all, of the free subdomains, it is Google Adsense as well.

If you still want to host with and have Adsense ads on your website then the only way is to get your own domain name from some domain registrar like or Telling from experience Adsense ads at work fine if using your own domain name instead one of their free subdomains. This is another hint that Google has blacklisted the subdomains. I have seen reports on the forum where users report Adsense working fine on their own domain, like this user for example.


If you want to use Adsense and plan on hosting your site at, then make sure to get yourself your own domain name instead of using any of their free domains they offer upon registration. Should you not be able to get yourself a domain for whatever reason and you have to use one of their free domains then you can check if it is blacklisted by visiting and entering the name of the domain in question. This site is also quite useful if you plan on buying an already registered domain.



  1. I copy and pasted that html code thing above and edited it and took out your adsense code and put mine in and uploaded it to my website but ads still dont show up. My site is Please help me

    • Did you just change the pub id or did you insert your very own code as shown in your Adsense “My Ads” section?

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