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How to add Domain Privacy to your .xyz domain from Hostinger

Since Hostinger is giving away a limited amount of free .xyz domains and the question about adding Domain Privacy came up on the Hostinger Forums i decided to add a little walkthrough on how to activate Domain Privacy for your free .xyz domain you got from Hostinger.

When registering your free .xyz domain with hostinger you have to wait up to one business day for your order to become active. Why it takes so long…i have no idea, but mine took almost two business days to activate. Guess nagging via support ticket won’t help much, so just sit there and wait for the domain to become active (you will receive an email when it’s done).

Once the domain is active you can access its control panel by simply logging into your Hostinger account, clicking “Domains” in the navigation at the top and then selecting “All Domains“. This will display a list of all your domains you currently have with Hostinger, be it free or paid. Here is an image of the domain control panel

Hostinger Domain Control Panel
Hostinger Domain Control Panel


To see the options available for the domain simply click the “+” symbol in front of the domain name. When looking for Domain Privacy options you, quite obiviously, will have to select the “Change WHOIS Details” option which takes you a page where you can change all options regarding the DNS / WHOIS details for that domain. What you are looking for is disabled by default as you can see by looking at the next screenshot

DNS / WHOIS Optionst at Hostinger
DNS / WHOIS Optionst at Hostinger

See? Domain Privacy is “Off” by default and to enable it you need to click the red tile with the lock on it that says “Privacy Protection”. Right after you clicked the tile there will be a pop-up giving you some basic explanation of the privacy service and its length/duration. When clicking “Order” it will take you to the invoice. Yes, Privacy Protection doesn’t come free for .xyz domains (well, neither does it for any other TLD really).

Privacy Protection Invoice Hostinger
Privacy Protection Invoice Hostinger

Upon paying the invoice Hostinger will activate/add Privacy Protection to your domain and your WHOIS details will be updated within a few hours at most.

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